2017 events

This Year’s Club Events
2/7 Movie

Tuskegee Airmen

2/11 Susan B. Anthony Celebrations in Beloit
2/28 Mardi Gras (with French Club)

3/7 Obreros Unidos at UW-Rock
3/20 Helping Hands project
3/29 Police Department during FLEX (tentative)

4/7 Cambodian Dancers
4/15 Cambodian New Year
4/27 YWCA Stand Against Racism

5/2 Helping Hands
5/12 John--Australia
5/25 Cooking Class


Last Year’s Club Events

Dinner and Movie Night

Dinner and Movie Night
Dinner and Movie Night

Vietnamese New Year

Vietnamese New Year
Vietnamese New Year with Teresa Nguyen


Making Wheel Pins to Save Syrian Refugees' Children

Julie's B-day

Julie's B-day
Mrs. G Surprised Birthday Party


Egypt with Nick Schulte

Middle East

Middle East
Making Tabulee and Hummus

Thursday, July 28, 2016

 Some of the Tentative Events Planned for the Club. All events have a potluck or we'll provide food.

 Hispanic Heritage Month Celebrations.

Guest Speaker, and club/classmate Susanna B. will share slides and experiences from her summer stay in Colombia.
Friday, September 23rd. 4-6 pm. Room 2154: 
"Studying and Living Abroad in Colombia". 
Image result for colombia images
We will buy pizza and drinks. $5 (feel free to bring desserts)
Sign-up and pay by September 20th.

Friday, October 14th. , 4-6 pm. Room 2154: 

Cooking Class. Argentinean Empanadas, and Ensalada Mixta. Sign up by 10/12

Image result for empanadas
Image result for green salad
Wednesday, October 25th, 4-5 pm. Room 2154.
"Travel to China", Guest Speaker Madie W.
We will go to "Asian Bistro" after the presentation for dinner.
Sign-up  by October 20th.
Image result for china

Friday, November18th, 3:30 pm-10pm.

2016 Holiday Folk Fair International.

Permission slips completion required.Tickets are $10 students/$12 adults + bus fair and money for food and shopping.


Before the break we celebrate. TBA

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